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A people-oriented server


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About ShangQingGe Minecraft Server

Server overview

ShangQingGe is a Minecraft server from China. Server to survive to play the main, through many plugins to enhance the performance of the server and expand the functions of the server. We take the player data very seriously, will not change the archive. In addition, the server provides a good, fun game environment for everyone to play together more enjoyable. And always adhere to the public welfare initiative, not in the server set up krypton gold project, create a fair game environment.


Core concept

Fairness and justice

All players of the service are equal. All players of the service can provide opinions and suggestions to the server.

Free and open

The server adheres to the principle of freedom, does not interfere with the correct behavior of players, and encourages players to create your own world!

Resist cheating

We firmly oppose all cheating, and we will strictly crack down on all incorrect behaviors.

Focus on players

People oriented is the core concept of the server. We pay attention to the game experience and feelings of players and strive to create a comfortable game environment for players.

Server vision

Reach the top of the mountain.
Look at the smallness of the mountains.
Tang dynasty - Du Fu

Contact us

Our Information:

QQ group: 470184703
Server geographic location:Beijing, China
Twitter: @shangqingge